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Taking a Break in 2010 & New Online Rolling Magazine

February 8, 2010

There will be no competition in 2010.

My wife and I are expecting our first baby this Fall, and I need to direct my attention on helping her get through the pregnancy.

In other news, my online rollerblading magazine Balance is doing quite well. Statistically, the numbers show that people are interested in the magazine and with it being viewed in over 50 different countries, hopefully there will be a wider amount of coverage available from all over the world in upcoming issues.

Issue #1: Interviews with Chris Haffey and motion graphics artist Matt Andrews, and a non-fiction piece by Michael Kraft.
Issue #2: Interviews with Iain McLeod, Chynna Weierstall, Mike Koliner and Matt Lorch
Issue #3: Double-shot interviews with Austrian skaters Tim Helbock & Martin Walchsofer, interviews with Stefan Brandow & English artist Dan Lambert, and a well written article by H.S. Knucklehead
Issue #4: Interviews with Avichai Wechsler, Jake Cawley, a non-fiction piece by Michael Kraft and an article written by Australia’s own Jacob Barnes.
Issue #5: Interviews with Shawn Storm, Dante Muse and Alex Braunagel. Also, an insightful article from H.S. Knucklehead and the remembrance of young Jay Jude and coverage of the memorial session put on in his honor.



September 6, 2009

Expert Division:

1. Reed Huston
2. Danny Gantchev
3. Sean Darst

Open Division:

1. Tyler Ailes
2. Jake Jackson
3. Justin Frederikson

Beginner Division:

1. Shane Herbst
2. Zach Murphy
3. Jon Kerr

Old Person (25+ or have a kid)

1. Matt Lorch – 32
2. Daniel Kinney – 26
3. Jeremy Adamowicz – father

Check out the pictures on the Past Events page. Everything will be organized and sized correctly in the next day or so.

Due to the insanely low spectator turnout, I decided to take the spectator fee and donate it to the Memorial Fund for James Short instead of giving it up for Best Trick.

Thanks to everyone that came out. I really thought that this year’s attendance would be at least double from last year, but alas, it wasn’t. It was less.

I am seriously considering taking this back to how it was 3 years ago: street contest, low entry fee, winner takes all and brass knuckles of course. This year’s competition cost me a lot of time, money and energy. I don’t think that the way it is set up now is efficient, and I will be spending the next few months figuring something else out for next year.

James Short: A Fallen Rollerblader

August 31, 2009
James Short: R.I.P.

James Short: R.I.P.

James Short touched many lives as he traveled the country (and world), and his absence will be felt by many people for quite some time. The world has lost a genuine nice guy yesterday, after he succumbed to his various injuries sustained from being struck by a drunk and high motorist while riding his motorcycle last week.

A collection will be taken at the Brass Knuckle Beatdown to help James’ family cope with hospital bills and funeral expenses. There will also be a big print of James made that will be on display for competitors and spectators to sign the whole day of the competition. The print will be sent to James’ parents in addition to any money that is collected.

Park Photos

July 31, 2009

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Event Flyer

July 30, 2009

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